Sheree Paton aka Artee By Sheree

Monstera Stone Drop
Monstera Stone Drop

Sheree Paton is an artist that specialises in ink illustration, abstract canvas art, and handmade jewelry.

Many thanks to Sheree for sharing her art insights with us! Before jumping into her interview below, check out her work that's available to buy on her Etsy shop.

DEITY 'Face of a Woman'
DEITY 'Face of a Woman', SHARK

Artist Interview

What's the latest piece of art that you have put out into the world?

At the moment I’m focusing on making my earrings, but I guess that they are a form of art! Otherwise, if we’re talking about traditional art, the  it would probably be prints of my hand-drawn illustrations. 


What drives you to keep creating?

A love of being creative! Whether it’s to sell or not I am always creating - I can’t stop! I’m a creative soul and always will be - creating has to be part of my everyday life!


Is there another artist's work that you would recommend, and why?

Yes! Caroline Roper is an AMAZING artist, she has such talent and her work astounds me everyday. She has a real eye for detail! Her Instagram is: - go check her out!


Do you have any advice for creators that are just starting out?

Keep at it! I know sometimes when things don’t work out it’s very easy to just give up, but you won’t get any better if you do! Persevere! Also, don’t pressure yourself to make something of “sellable” quality right away, make some art just for you, then you’ll eventually get the skills and confidence to sell your creations!


Where can we find your work?

My social media handles are all: @arteebysheree - you can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

My Etsy shop is also ArteeBySheree:

Or at my website:


DEITY 'Face of a Woman' MINIMAL
DEITY 'Face of a Woman' MINIMAL

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