Working from home?
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Update - Sep 6, 2021:
I started this project at the start of the COVID-19 lockdowns to showcase artists at a difficult time, and to help those looking to make their new working from home offices a bit nicer with art.
Now that it looks like the worst of COVID may have passed, I feel it's time to finish the project.

While I won't be adding to the site, all the fantastic artist interviews are viewable here.
Thank you to all the brilliant artists who answered my questions, and if you can, please support them by buying some of their work.

Until the next time :-)

Art Picks

Artist Interviews

Nadia Corridan

Tatyana Feeney

Millie Nice

Margaret Anne Suggs

Eibhin Kavanagh aka Rotten Rouge

Ruth Graham

Hilary Glynn

Sarah Evans

Sheree Paton aka Artee By Sheree

Kevin Lowery

Deskmate WFH Desk