Nadia Corridan

Quiet Ascension
Quiet Ascension

Nadia Corridan is a visual artist that uses minimal scenes and warm colours of close up subjects to masterfully evoke intimacy, empathy, and memory.

Many thanks to Nadia for sharing her art insights with us! Before jumping into her interview below, check out her beautiful work on her website.

The Long Goodbye
The Long Goodbye, Remembering

Artist Interview

What's the latest piece of art that you have put out into the world?

New Beginnings, which I launched a limited edition print run in November. When I was creating this painting I wanted the colour palette to be bright and feel positive. Last year felt like a write off in many ways but it also brought the world to a pause for reflection. I felt like last year taught me many things and I felt this piece embodied some of my learnings.


What drives you to keep creating?

There is good days and bad days, realising this, is what helps me motor along each day. Balance and organising my week. Not creating every day is ok, you will exhaust your inner creativity quickly. It needs TLC too. There are loads of other areas to keep you busy while that part rests awhile - marketing, admin, website, photographing, applying to open calls and more!

Having catchups with other artists and hearing how they are getting on. I find this sparks so much motivation and excitement to get into the studio and create!

Another huge motivator is when customers reaching out telling me what my work means to them. When I receive an email, or social media comment or meeting a customer in person. It sparks joy and excitement to keep creating and feels really meaningful.


Is there another artist's work that you would recommend, and why?

Oh gosh there is so many. I love the work of American artist Lisa Golightly. I find her work has nostalgic tones of old photographs and evokes my own personal memories. I'm drawn to the artworks of fellow Wexford based artist Orla Bates and Berlin artist Tina Berning, I find their work very intriguing! Their use of line, colour palette and negative space gives me a lot to think about when I'm in my studio creating work.


Do you have any advice for creators that are just starting out?

Ask Questions! You are not being annoying by asking. We all had to figure something out at one time or another. Visual Arts Ireland has a help-desk phone line that is brilliant! Citizens Information can help point you in the directions of the business set-up side. Facebook group Bite the Biscuit is another fantastic resource. Getting to know the other artists in your locale. Once you open one door, more continue to open.

Not everyone is going to like your work and not everyone is your customer. Don't waste your time trying to mould your art to everyone else tastes. Start from the point that you are making it for you. Your real customers value you and want to be part of your art journey. They won't criticise or try to bargain with you. They will be advocates as customers, return customers and bring your work to the attention of others.

Share your knowledge. Being generous with what you've learnt and you’ll receive knowledge back in some form that can help your art business. Plus its a wonderful feeling knowing you’ve helped someone!


Where can we find your work?

Website & Shop :
Instagram :
Facebook :

New Beginnings
New Beginnings

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